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Law Technology News (LTN), is the industry-leading magazine and website covering legal technology trends and developments. LTN is written for an audience of legal industry professionals, helping them use technology and innovation to deliver better legal services. The website has published an article, "Tips for Successful Calendaring & Docketing Systems" written by our own Joseph Scott:

For more than three decades, law firms have relied on automated applications in their ongoing battles to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and mitigate risks. While technologies have expanded and improved, we must remember that the most important piece of any system is still the people.

Many firms learn the hard way that relying too heavily on technology, and discounting the importance of the people using it, is fraught with danger. Regardless of the application, it is only as good as the people—and the training of the people—who use it. Employing highly skilled professionals to work with your attorneys and your systems, within a defined firm-wide program, will align people, processes and technology.

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